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Sell Health Insurance as a Potential Life-saving Strategy

September 23rd, 2010 by Lori Reed

Insurance agents will commonly encounter prospective clients who are interested in buying health policies, but who find it unaffordable or simply too much for their budget.

In some cases, it might make sense to emphasize that having a health insurance policy can actually help hold off financial disaster or even a premature death or serious illness in the long run. For example, those with insurance are typically more likely to keep regular appointments with a primary care physician, which improves their chances of having any emerging health problems detected at an early stage.

In contrast, those without insurance often end up waiting until they become ill enough to seek out medical treatment at their local emergency room.

According to the American Cancer Society, researchers recently determined that insurance status actually plays a significant role in the disease’s impact on prostate cancer patients because those without coverage are less likely to be tested regularly.

The announcement noted that when prostate cancer is detected early enough, there is a nearly 100 percent survival rate. However, as the disease advances, that rate tends to drop to around 30 percent

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