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New InsureMe Insurance Lead Monitoring Engine

August 24th, 2011 by admin

InsureMe is focused on providing unparalleled product solutions that drive superior returns for our agent base. A large part of that commitment is ensuring agents receive high quality leads.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce the launch of Bankrate Insurance Verified, a major milestone and multi-year investment. Since August, every lead will undergo a rigorous, multi-layered screening process to help drive industry-leading returns and close rates for our agents.

Learn how Bankrate Insurance Verified sets us apart from any other lead provider:

  1. Proprietary Content Validation System – blocks large numbers of suspicious leads before they reach our agent network. Bankrate has created the industry’s only proprietary system that integrates our exclusive data network with other reputable data validation services to identify and significantly reduce fraudulent leads. Dynamic business controls further ensure that we stay ahead of ever evolving trends.

  2. Proprietary Fraud Engine – Bankrate’s state of the art technology is the Industry’s most robust quality monitoring system. It uses real-time logic to automate lead rejections based on continuously evolving lead acceptance criteria. By learning and refining the system’s logic, agents will receive 24/7 protection against duplicitous and invalid leads.

  3. Highest Quality Sources – clearly defined quality control guidelines are applied to our pre-screened, reputable marketing and advertising partners. We enforce stringent partner probation and termination rules if quality standards are not met.

  4. Strict Form Requirements – ensures all pertinent quoting information is collected. Every lead is filtered based on risk and underwriting standards. Only fully complete applications are provided to our agents.

By combining the new Bankrate Insurance Verified solution with our extensive targeting capabilities, superior customer service, and innovative tools, we provide an unbeatable solution in helping agents grow their business. It doesn’t end here – look for exciting new updates as Bankrate Insurance Verified continues to revolutionize the Industry!

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