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May 9th, 2006 by Megan Mahan

I came across a new website this morning, geared towards helping consumers save on health care. Health Savings News was launched earlier this month and includes tips and articles on topics like medical credit cards, the new Medicare plan and health savings accounts, just to name a few.

The editors also compile their favorite articles, tips and websites each week to help you find the best of everything health care on the web. This week’s web site of the week is, which allows consumers to shop online for the best-priced prescription drugs–without entering medical history or other personal information.

While Health Savings News is still in its infancy, it contains some pretty good information. I learned a little something myself about requesting an itemized bill from hospitals.

Check it out and let me know if you find the site worthwhile. And of course, for information and saving tips on health insurance, don’t forget to visit the InsureMe Consumer Resource Center! (We’ve got what you need to know about health insurance in your state, too.)

[source: PR Web]

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3 Responses to “Health Care Help”

  1. Mike Says:

    It’s interesting to see InsureMe promoting sites that promotes their competitor.

    I’m anxious to test the prescription cost predictor. Thanks.

  2. Megan Mahan Says:

    Yes, I did see a banner ad of an InsureMe competitor on the site this morning.

    However, in true Web 2.0 spirit, I felt okay about pointing a link to Health Savings News because it seems like a good health care (not health care coverage) resource for consumers. And, while our resources at are indeed vast, I think “helping people find the right insurance” can go a step further to help people find what they’re looking for–which may mean sending them elsewhere for an answer. And if they end up getting a quote from our competitor well, that’s unfortunate. But if a consumer can look at InsureMe in a positive light and say, “Yeah, they helped me find the answer to my question on Medicare”, then I figure we’ve got a decent shot at earning their business in the future. Of course, I’ve been called a dreamer before…

    On the other hand, I’m not sure what would stop InsureMe from investigating a relationship with sites like Health Savings News. But I’ll save those thoughts for another time and place. :)
    Thanks for leaving your comment, Mike. And let me know how Pillbot works out for you!

  3. Matthew Osborn Says:

    Megan - I appreciate the kind words and agree that educating the health care consumer is the best path. As out-of-pocket costs skyrocket, information and understanding your options will become essential.

    Best regards,
    Matthew Osborn

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