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Weird Insurance Claims: Licking Cows And More

June 23rd, 2006 by Megan Mahan

cow.gifFellow insurance blogger, Penny, sent me this article by way of the Insurance News Network the other day, and I found it fitting for today’s peculiar posting.

According to the INN article, the National Underwriter (an insurance publication) recently asked their readers to share their strangest claims stories. Oddly, most of them included animals.

Here’s my favorite:

Mr. Ward sent in his tale of an insured driving back from an unsuccessful fishing trip on the coast. As he was driving, the insured decided to take one last try at catching something, and stopped to fish in a friend’s farm pond in the middle of a cow pasture.

‘A herd of cows gathered around the car while he was fishing, but he thought nothing of it until he got ready to leave. As he approached the car he saw a cow chewing on something that was long and black. Each time the cow chewed, the black object bobbed up and down,’ Mr. Ward wrote.

‘Curious, he walked over a little closer and realized that the cow was chewing on his windshield wiper! He ran screaming to his car, waving his arms and shooing the cows, only to discover that they had licked his auto from one end to the other, and had eaten the rubber seals from around the windows,’ he added.

The reason for such strange behavior is fairly simple, he wrote. ‘Cows like salt,’ Mr. Ward explained. ‘His car had been parked next to the ocean for two days. They saw it as a huge salt lick.’

The insured called to explain what had happened. ‘He said his car was covered with gooey slobber, the paint was ruined, and all the windows were jangling as he rode along because there was no rubber to hold them in place,’ Mr. Ward wrote. ‘He wanted to know if comprehensive coverage was really comprehensive.’

See, even insurance has its lighter moments. :) Enjoy the article and have a great weekend!

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